Case study – oil removal from central collection basin


Courtesy of SkimTech Inc.

Customer Profile:

Largest manufacturer of newspaper stock and toilet tissue in Toronto, Canada using recycled paper as the primary ingredient in their production process.  Customer collects paper, newsprint and magazines from “blue boxes” and other sources throughout Ontario Province.  Customer separates the paper collected and makes recycled paper products.    

The Problem:

Customer has several water streams that feed into a primary oil/water settling basin.  Oil from hydraulic lubrication stations and paper manufacturing machines mixes with water used in the manufacturing process.  Water and oil mix flows into a primary settling basin located below the manufacturing floor.  Oil settles out of the water in the basin and needed to be removed prior to waste treatment.
The customer need a cost effective way to remove the oil and grease that did not involve significant operator attention and would remove oil from a larger area within the basin.


Early in the evaluation process, the customer decided against using a belt, mop or floating weir type oil skimmer.  The customer did not want to reintroduce any oil back into the water or deal with debris clogging the oil skimmer.

The primary competition was the Model 6V oil skimmer produced by Oil Skimmers, Inc.    

Operating Requirements:

  • Operate at varying water levels.
  • Safety features that eliminated pinch points when safety cover is removed
  • Safety features that render the system inoperable when removed  
  • No reintroduction of the oil back into the water.
  • Low maintenance requiring minimal operating attention.
  • Oil and grease (and dirt, plastic wrappers and grit) removed by the oil skimming system should not come into contact with the main drive system.
  • Abrasive resistant components that will not chip or crack from prolonged contact with oily waste material and dirt/grit that mixes with the oil.
  • Oil skimmer had to mount above the oil/water settling basin without extensive retrofitting.

Oil Skimmer Solution:
The customer installed one Skimall® Model BG01 'Mighty Mack' Oil Skimmer with 60” tall Angle Frame Mount with Tube Guide and 35’ length of TigerTube™ oil skimmer collector tubing. The collector tube floats on the surface of the water and is driven in a continuous loop by the skimmer.  Oil and grease cling to the outside surface of the collector tube and are drawing into the skimmer where they are removed by abrasive resistant Dureon™ scrapers. The collector tube breaks-up encrusted material and does not reintroduce any of the oil back into the water.
Customer Comments:
The oil skimmer works great!  We got more for our money by choosing the Model BG01 oil skimmer.  The BG01 gives us higher removal rates, better safety features, simplified maintenance and operation, and we did not have to add any oil to the skimmer to lubricate the system.  The price was actually lower than the Model 6V oil skimmer!

Very professional response from SkimTech, Inc.  Thanks!

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