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Case study - oil removal prior to evaporation


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Locomotive Service Company located in Texas - repair and maintenance of railroad locomotives and cars.

The Problem:

Customer installed a water evaporator system to reduce waste water volume and disposal costs.  Evaporator system included a small oil/water settling tank, but no oil skimming system.  Customer needed an automatic oil skimming system to continually remove the free-floating oil and grease prior to the water being introduced to the evaporator.  Removing the free-floating oil enables the evaporator to operate at maximum efficiency.   

The Solution:

  • The customer evaluated using a disk, belt, mop and tube type oil skimming system.
  • Oil skimming process requirements included:
    • Oil Skimmer had to operate at various liquid levels inside the oil/water settling tank.
    • Oil Skimmer could not reintroduce the free-floating oil back into the process water to be evaporated.
    • Oil Skimmer had to be low maintenance requiring minimal operating attention.
    • Oil (and dirt or grit) removed by the oil skimmer system could not come into contact with main drive system of the oil skimmer.
    • Oil Skimmer removal media could not shed fibers into the process water that could clog evaporator operating components.
    • Oil Skimmer had to have abrasive resistant components that would not chip or crack from prolonged contact with oily waste material and dirt/grit that mixes with the oil.
    • Oil Skimmer had to mount and operate in the 5’ diameter settling tank without extensive retrofitting to the existing tank.
    • Oil Skimmer had to operate when the process water reached a temperature of 200◦F.        
  • Customer installed one SkimTech Model AG25 Skimall™ Oil Skimmer complete with an 8’ length of TigerTube™ oil skimmer collector tubing on the settling tank.  The Tube Type Oil Skimmer removes the free-floating oil and grease without reintroducing the material back into the process water and evaporator. Tube Type skimmers use a specially formulated collector tube that floats on the surface of the process water and is driven in a continuous loop by the skimmer.  Because the tubing floats on the water, it does not reintroduce any of the oil back into the water or the evaporator.
  • The Model AG25 Oil Skimmer was supplied complete with a sludge pan and universal mounting system that easily mounted to the top of the settling tank.  No submerged idlers or pulleys were required to be installed in the tank.
  • The Model AG25 Oil Skimmer uses abrasive resistant Dureon™ wear pieces that will not chip or crack and protect the unit from wear while removing the oil and grease from the collector tubing without excessive wear or any adjustment.

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