Case Study - Panama Canal: Boat Towed 3D Resistivity Surveys


Courtesy of Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

77 km Long 3D Canal Floor Sediment/Rock Study for Dredging Estimates

Boat towed streaming dipole-dipole resistivity data were successfully used to estimate geotechnical properties of the canal floor in order to reduce dredging costs for an ongoing Panama Canal expansion program.

Site:  The 77-km long Panama Canal with 773 line-km of resistivity data collected at 25 m transect spacing inside the canal(fresh water) and then out into the Pacific and Caribbean approach areas (salt water).

Instrument:  SuperStingR8 with AGI marine resistivity streamer cable with graphite electrodes (US Patent 6,674,286).

Date:  October, November and December, 2008

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