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Case study - Patrick Air Force Base


Courtesy of Roboliner - a brand by MatLor, LLC

Location: Cocoa Beach, FL

  • System Applied: JBT 303
  • Substrate / Area: Concrete, Secondary Containment / 28,000 sq.ft.
  • Date Completed: October 2006
  • Quality Control: Primeaux Associates, Inc.

Project Description

The main diesel and aviation fuel storage secondary containment area was not performing as had been designed. Several cracks had appeared over the years along with the deterioration of the expansion joint; material was failing.

As timing, due to weather conditions, was very important, the seamless polyurea spray system was chosen. This system has a rapid cure time along with excellent chemical resistance to the contained fuels. The concrete area was in poor condition. Previously applied paint was peeling and the attempted repairs to the expansion joints were failing.

The concrete was pressure washed using a hot aqueous solution of Bio-Solve to remove contaminants and peeling paint, then rinsed. This brought the concrete to a good condition with good texture and cleanliness, therefore blasting was not required. The complete area was primed with a emulsifiable polyurethane primer for adhesion enhancement and reduction/elimination of concrete outgassing. The polyurea system was applied at a nominal thickness of 80-100 mil with a slip resistant texture.

There were several days where rain called for application interruptions. The rapid cure of the polyurea system was unaffected by the rains. The polyurea system was applied up the wall and onto the 36 tank supports to create a seamless bonded containment membrane. Application was completed in 7 days.

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