Case study - PCB Containment - ICA of Jacksonville


Location: Jacksonville, FL

  • System Applied: JBT 303
  • Substrate / Area: PCB Containment, 38,000 sq.ft.
  • Date Completed: November 2005
  • Quality Control: Dudley Primeaux II, Primeaux Associates, LLC

Project Description

The building was scheduled for demolition, but the existing slab was impacted with PCB. It was necessary to protect the slab. Many different products were considered from multiple lifts of asphalt, concrete, plywood, HDPE. Polyurea was the product of choice being a seamless, low perm material that would also stand up to the equipment used to demo the structure. Another factor was the price of disposal of the slab and cap after demolition would be greatly reduced. Approximately 8 tons of polyurea was used versus 100 tons of other materials.

Polyurea was selected. The concrete was water blasted with a hydro carbon solution and primed with P3 primer. polyurea was then applied, 60 mils in low impact area and 120 mils in heavy loading and impact area.

After demolition of building was completed, the cap was inspected. The only damage to cap was from dropping beams. All areas where beam punctured surface were easily repaired. The overall performance of cap was better than expected.

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