Case study - Peixe Vivo, Brazil


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Seeing the rapid surge of tilapia farming in the Santa Fé do Sul region in Brazil, Emerson Esteves recognized the need to produce high quality PL to support business activity in the area. He founded Peixe Vivo: a medium-scale hatchery specialized in tilapia.

A close eye for detail, controlled hygiene and temperature conditions and a thorough perfection of feeding technologies led him to obtain an impressive 99% survival rate and  a solid reputation in the local market.

99% survival

Applying the same meticulous eye for detail to every single one of the company’s 120 hatchery tank, Peixe Vivo reaches an impressive survival rate of no less than 99%.

5 hectares

Peixe Vivo manages 5 hectares of nursery ponds. In some of those the company is experimenting with greenhouse techniques to get better control of water temperatures.

1,000,000 juveniles

Rapidly building a reputation for high quality and robust fry, Peixe Vivo’s current annual production of 1 million juveniles very easily finds it way to tilapia farms nearby.

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