Case study - Performance testing PAHs in asphalt in France

Courtesy of Sitelab Corporation

ESITC – France: New regulations across Europe are requiring laboratory analysis for PAH content in asphalt. Researchers at ESITC’s lab are using the Sitelab TD-500D analyzer to monitor PAH levels in new, reclaimed and recycled asphalt. Maximum PAH limit for reuse is 50 ppm.

In this study, three asphalt samples were ground down to different particle sizes and sent to four certified laboratories for comparison. Correlation to the TD-500D was good, making this a reliable field screening tool.

In France, laboratories use U.S. EPA Method 8270 by GC/MS to measure 16 polycyclic aromatic compounds. This includes Phenanthrene, Benzo[a]Pyrene and other PAHs abundant in coal tars and heavy fuel oils used to make asphalt and road sealers.

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