Case study: Pesty mothball odors exterminated using Ecosorb Natural odor solutions from OMI industries


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Odor Medic, LLC, is an odor elimination business faced with an interesting customer issue: individuals who use mothballs as an ineffective deterrent for squirrels and other rodents in residential attic spaces. Mothballs are primarily composed of Naphthalene and 1,4 dichlorobenzene, two compounds that are known to produce a pungent odor that can cause allergic reactions, irritations, and discomfort in the residents who improperly use them in an attempt to rid their attics of rodents.


In these situations, the first step is to remove the source of the odor: all mothballs in an attic space must be properly disposed of before any treatment can be applied. To disperse product effectively and efficiently throughout the attic area, Ecosorb 610 is loaded into a power sprayer and applied to most, if not all, surfaces in the attic -including the attic-side of the ceiling - until the surfaces are wet to the touch. Enough Ecosorb 610 solution must be applied to mediate the accumulated gas that has permeated the various surfaces. In some cases, depending on contamination, it is also necessary to assess lower levels of the residence, starting with the level closest to the treated area.


A residence in Pittsburgh, Pa., offers one such example of a gentleman throwing mothballs in the attic in an attempt to drive out squirrels. The odor spread throughout the house, and his wife - extremely sensitive to the smell - was actually planning to temporarily relocate until the issue could be resolved- Odor Medic experts utilized Ecosorb 610 in the manner described previously, and were able to eliminate the mothball odors from the house completely in only four days.

Odor Medic experts have had success using Ecosorb 610 in this manner on numerous other applications as well, including in vehicles, on clothes, in furnace ducts, and in old furniture, to name a few. According to Dave Polley, president of Odor Medic LLC, 'Ecosorb 610 is the only product we have found that permanently eliminates this offensive and unhealthy odor.'

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