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Case study - PFR Nord GmbH - PET recycling plant



The Mensing Group of Companies in Hohenwestedt (Germany) invests almost € 10 million in the construction of a new PET recycling plant.

The construction of the recycling plant is associated with the formation of PFR Nord GmbH in Hohenwestedt. About 30 new jobs have resulted there.

On the whole, Mensing Group, which also includes AFA Nord GmbH and TM Recycling GmbH, has a headcount of about 80.


A modern PET recycling plant should be set up anew.

PET will be purchased in different qualities.

Clear PET should be obtained in the plant in highest purity, and thus separated of contaminants and discolourations.

The sorted clear PET should be shredded, washed, and sold as PET flakes after sorting.


The PET bails are opened up and separated using bail opener. The metals are separated using an overbelt magnetic separator and eddy flow separator. Films and fines are separated on a ballistic separator.

Contaminants such as PVC and other plastics are then sorted out using the REDWAVE NIR Technology. Using multi-level sorting, a high-purity clear PET fraction is produced with a high efficiency.

The pure and clear PET is shredded and washed to be sold as PET flakes.

Since June 2013, the new processing plant for clear PET from PFR Nord GmbH is in operation. Around 100 tonnes of PET bottles are processed in this plant per day.

PET are purchased in bales at different qualities (80/20, 90/10, 95/5, etc.). The bales are opened and separated by a bale opener, then the magnetic parts are separated using an overbelt magnet. Films and fines are separated using a ballistic separator. Following the ballistic separator, the 3D fraction is passed through an eddy current separator to isolate the aluminium.

The next step is the separation of contaminants, such as PVC using a REDWAVE sorting machine, which recognises and reliably separates different plastic materials using near-infrared. The colour sorting, including recovery using REDWAVE is done in the next steps. With the REDWAVE NIR/C, the different materials and colours can be identified and separated efficiently. The sorted clear PET in the highest purity is shredded and washed, and sold as PET flakes after sorting.

Technical Data

  • Machine type:
    • 3 x REDWAVE 2400 NIR/C
    • 2 x REDWAVE 1000 NIR/C
  • Task material: PET bottles in different qualities
  • Performance: 6 tonnes/h.
  • Sensor system: NIR/C - near-infrared spectroscopy with additional colour sensor


Mr. P. Kossack, Projekt manager at PFR Nord: „“We are very satisfied with the sorting plant. BT-Wolfgang Binder was very professional in all steps. The project management and service fully met our expectations and all deadlines were kept. We plan to upgrade the system with another two flake sorting machines.”

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