Case study Philippines - independent water shop solution


Courtesy of Trunz Water Systems AG

Rotary Club of lloilo City

Ban-Ag in the municipality of Santa Barbara in lloilo Province.

The „Rotary Club lloilo City' with the financial contribution by the Rotary Club of Sae Goyang (South Korea) donated to the Barangay (district) Ban-Ag in the Municipality of Santa Barbara in lloilo Province a solar-powered water treatment unit. The unit supplies the families in the district and people from neighbouring Barangays with safe drinking water at affordable prices.

So as to put a value on clean and safe drinking water and to finance maintenance and spare parts, the members of the community are asked to buy the water at an affordable token price. This makes the system selfsustaining. Five gallons water (18.9 liter) will be sold for 10 Philippine Pesos. This translates to EUR 0.15 per 18.9 liter-container or EUR 0.0079 per liter.

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