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Case Study - Port Of Los Angeles CEQA/NEPA & Special Studies


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Principal Client Services:

EIR/EIS Preparation and 3rd Party Review

  • Technical Study Preparation and 3rd Party Review
  • In-house CEQA/NEPA Project Management
  • CEQA Exemption Determinations
  • Noise
  • Air
  • Cultural Resources
  • Geology
  • Aesthetics
  • HRA
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Justice
  • Water Quality
  • Risk of Upset
  • Sustainability
  • Mitigation Monitoring Tracking

E2 is currently providing California Environmental Quality Act/National Environmental Policy Act (CEQA/NEPA) and Special Studies support services under a Master Services Agreement with POLA. Services including technical studies, such as aesthetics; air quality; noise impacts; transportation; biology; earth resources; and water quality. E2 personnel were also responsible for the preparation and or third-party review of CEQA/NEPA compliance documents, including negative declarations (NDs), mitigated negative declarations (MNDs), environmental assessments (EAs), EIRs, and EISs. Additional duties included resource agency coordination, permit preparation and processing, and overall mitigation monitoring and reporting.

In addition to direct CEQA/NEPA services, E2 has also supported POLA on a range of environmental initiatives related to POLA’s CEQA/NEPA projects and mitigations. E2 provided dedicated staff, placed as an in-house project manager, for the CEQA group at the POLA. E2 also has provided a sustainability liaison to work, on behalf of the Port, with the City of Los Angeles pursuant to LA’s Mayor Villaraigosa’s sustainability efforts. E2 was responsible for obtaining and analyzing sustainability data from all Divisions at the POLA by conducting water conservation surveys, energy conservation surveys, waste reduction surveys, and field observations.

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