Case study - Precipitation measurement in East Tyrolia high mountains


Courtesy of The OTT Hydromet Group

The Defereggen Valley's remote location is in the middle of the East Tyrolean high mountain valleys in the Alps. Due to the remote location, extreme weather conditions, and lack of infrastructure, it had not been possible to install an official precipitation measurement station in the Defereggen Valley, yet. It was a 'white spot' on the map, from a meteorological point of view.

Today, precipitation data, air temperature, humidity and snow height are monitored and radio transmitted to the Tyrolean regional government in Innsbruck, Austria, using OTT and Adcon technologies. More stations will be installed in the future to capture more meteorological data from these mountains.


  • Because this region has very little telephone coverage, it had not been possible to install an official measurement station.
  • In order to cope with long term, extreme weather conditions, such snow heights up to 10 feet during the winter months and frequent heavy rainfalls during the rest of the year, the location requires the use of only maximum quality materials and technology.
  • Solar power supply for the complete system was a basic prerequisite because of the lack of infrastructure.
Monitoring Solution
For many years, the meteorology department of the Tyrolean regional government had already successfully been using the OTT Pluvio² and OTT netDL 1000, but decided to install a combination of OTT and Adcon products, for a solution to the infrastructure problem.  
  • The first step was an on-site visit to find the best possible mounting place for the measurement station and the solar powered equipment. 
  • Two days later the station installed.
  • Parameters measured: precipitation (every minute), air temperature, humidity and snow height (every 15 minutes).
  • A water level sensor will be added in the near future.

Data Path:

  • Sensor (Defereggen Valley/Jagdhausalm) – Data logger (netDL)/radio (addWave) – Relais (addRelay) – radio/ GPRS (RA440) – Base station (Adcon-Klosterneuburg) – AdvantagePro – Export csv – customer's software (Innsbruck)


  • Distance that can be bridged without GPRS ~ 10 km, total distance from measurement station to customer’s base is 100 km
  • Thanks to the relais option of the Adcon radio transmission solution the customer can set up even more measurement stations in the valley
  • OTT quality measurement stations can be used, even without infrastructure and a network provider
  • Measurement data provided in a timely and reliable manner
  • 100 % solar powered


  • After the successful completion of the test phase a further expansion of this solution is planned and similar systems may be implemented.
  • If there was a larger number of measuring stations the customer considers to operate his own base station to enable and guarantee complete independence from network providers.

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