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Case study - QUADRANT SRS Thermal Oxidizer replaces silicone-contaminated system


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A Silicone Tape Converter recently replaced a poorly designed thermal oxidizer with a custom engineered thermal oxidizer designed by Catalytic Products International, Inc. The process coated film with a silicone based adhesive. The silicone vaporizes with other VOC’s in the drying process and is ducted to the thermal oxidizer. The combustion process converts the silicone vapors to a powder – like Silicon DiOxide. In a traditionally designed thermal oxidizer, the SiO2 clings to metal surfaces and causes lost efficiency with excessive maintenance.

Catalytic Products International, Inc. installed the QUADRANT SR-Silicone Series Thermal Oxidizer with Secondary Heat Recovery. This system is able to operate three times longer between SiO2 cleaning, the system automatically signals when cleaning is required, the heat recovery saves over twenty dollars per hour in operating expense, and the system provides +99% VOC destruction efficiency at only 1,300 F.

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