Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers and midstream natural gas processing - Case study


Courtesy of Catalytic Products International (CPI)

A large midstream natural gas processing facility was in urgent need of a VOC abatement device for their newly expanded gas processing plant. The operator was expanding their operations at an unusually fast pace. In the process of bringing on new gas treating capacity, they found themselves up against the limits of their current operating permit. Any new sources would put them over their limits as defined under EPA guidelines: 40 CFR, Part 63, Subpart HH – National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants from Oil and Natural Gas Production Facilities.

The process included treatment of four separate amine trains. The exhausts from each were combined together and ducted to one QUADRANT SR-6,000 Thermal Oxidizer. From the amine re-boiler, the vent gases were piped into a knock-out vessel where excess water and liquids are removed. The resultant gas was piped to an inlet manifold located at the QUADRANT SR-6,000 Thermal Oxidizer skid. The manifold and control dampers were constructed of stainless steel and incorporated a hot air recirculation system designed to raise the inlet temperature high enough to prevent the gas from condensing and forming additional liquids and more importantly, add the necessary amount of oxygen to allow the vent gas to sufficiently oxidize and destroy the pollutants.

After the vent gas has been heated with sufficient air (and oxygen) the gas is moved through the QUADRANT SR-6,000 Thermal Oxidizer by use of a main booster fan. The booster fan pushes the gas through the shell and tube heat exchanger. One of the primary differences that the QUADRANT SR-6,000 Thermal Oxidizer offers any user is our unique FLOATING TUBE Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger. This system is unlike anything in the industry and is custom designed to provide high thermal efficiency and long life. Unlike most shell and tube heat exchangers used in industry, the FLOATING TUBE System does not use any expansion joints. The result is long life without worry to expansion joint failure. The FLOATING TUBE Heat Exchanger raised the vent gas temperature to over 1,100 F before the gas was directed to the combustion chamber.

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