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Case study - Resource and process optimization


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MetaVu's roots in environmental/health/safety management have evolved naturally into a full-service Operational Performance Optimization Practice. By examining, measuring and monitoring resource utilization and process performance from an environmental perspective over time, MetaVu helps clients continuously reduce the cost and incidental environmental impact associated with the production and delivery of client products and services. Areas of focus include raw material procurement and supply chain evaluation, waste stream reduction and monetization, recycling and reclamation strategies and energy use and renewable generation.    

Georgia Pacific Waste Stream Monetization

Georgia Pacific is a one of the world’s largest pulp and paper manufacturers. Paramount to Georgia Pacific’s Sustainability Strategy was the innovation of its waste stream reduction processes in key facilities. It was determined that significant waste streams could be diverted from landfill and converted to waste streams with minimal intermediary processing. This process modification reduced reputational risk, reduced costs, increased community engagement and reduced social risk to operate in key areas. MetaVu also assisted Georgia Pacific in the formulation of its sustainability story and critical aspects of cost reductions for the facilities undergoing the waste stream monetization process.

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