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Case study - Restoration and legacy


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MetaVu's sustainable strategy competencies and reputation stem in part from the company’s deep roots in environmental/health/safety management and legacy liability management and restoration. It is from this fundamental understanding of the physical aspects of environmental impact that MetaVu's reputation as an implementation specialist began. In too many companies, the operations ‘walk’ does not match the branding ‘talk’. MetaVu's ability to synchronize the market imperative of client branding activity with the practical realities of client operations make MetaVu unique among sustainability consulting practices. MetaVu represents clients’ best defense against ‘greenwashing’.

Chevron Legacy Liability Management
Chevron asked MetaVu to help it architect and deploy a remediation business model to reduce the size of the legacy liability portfolio, discharging liability at a percentage on the dollar over a discrete time horizon. MetaVu utilized proprietary assessment tools to evaluate existing business processes, organizational capabilities, and platform systems. MetaVu recommended process efficiencies and human capital utilization improvements that reduced costs of $3.5 million annually and achieved a 10 to 1 return on investment for the client. In addition, the recommendations halved legacy liability project maturity in only two years and significantly reduced legacy liability valuation volatility.

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