Case study: RMOTC - Using existing wells, hydro-geologic barriers are mapped.


Courtesy of Willowstick Technologies LLC

In August of 2005, Willowstick Technologies, LLC performed an AquaTrack study at the Teapot Dome oil field near Casper, Wyoming. The project was performed together with the assistance of the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC), a unit of the United States Department of Energy. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate how the AquaTrack technology can be applied to subsurface oil reservoirs which are subjected to water and/or steam flooding and to map the subsurface water paths.

For this pilot study, Willowstick chose to target the Shannon Formation, which lies approximately 400 feet below the surface of the ground. This formation has been the target of numerous di!erent EOR activities including firefloods, water floods and steam floods.

Survey Strategy

The survey encompassed about 48 acres of land and used five existing wells in which to place electrodes. Data was collected over a period of two weeks.

The groundwater in the Shannon Formation was energized from two di!erent perspectives, using well 55-66-SX (an injection well) for electrode placement and using a pair of wells (producer wells) to the west and east of the main survey area as return electrode placements. A 100 ft X 100ft grid was set up along the surface of the ground, above the oil reservoir.

Survey Results

The two survey perspectives showed similar anomalies suggesting the existence of three major hydrogeologic barriers, which indicate the presence of four distinct saturated zones, which trend north to south.

Analysis of historical production data along with reservoir studies of the Shannon Sandstone, confirm that the hydrologic boundaries detected by the AquaTrack likely exist.

These boundaries or zones are probably due to geologic changes across the formation, which a!ect permeability. The information obtained from this survey can facilitate the understanding of how water flood practices are likely to influence oil production within the area of investigation.

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