Case study: Salinity eradication – well water


Courtesy of Eco1st Technology Group

Operational Profile

Farm Name: Singleton& Sons Farms
Crop Type: Lay’s ChipPotatoes
Location: Florida
Total Acres: 1500
Acres Treated: 85
Irrigation: Drip
Season: 4 Months
Water Source: Well

Key Findings:

  • 45% increase in yield
  • Went from 5 potatoes to 7-8 per plant
  • Investment payback within first season
  • Eliminated negative effects of salinity


Grower was experiencing yield reduction due to high levels of salinity found in well water being used to irrigate crops. Salts and other contaminates frequently become encapsulated within clusters of water bound by electrons. This causes a blockage in the plant which restricts water and micro-nutrients from flowing to the furthest part of the plant. The result is often leaf burn, yellow leaves, defoliation, a reduction in health, and ultimately a decrease in the plant’s ability to yield a strong crop.

Irrigation Enhancer Process

The Irrigation Enhancer improves irrigation water by eliminating the water molecules ability to bond to other molecules or to any foreign contaminants contained within the water. The Irrigation Enhancer achieves this by breaking dipole bonds and stripping valence electrons from the water and foreign contaminants, thereby leaving the water in a positively ionized state. By removing the electrons that naturally bond water molecules with salt and other contaminants, the Irrigation Enhancer generates enhanced water that is able to flow past salt and up into the plant.


Installed a 4” Irrigation Enhancer on field being effected by high levels of salinity found in well water being used to irrigate crops.


After the installation of the Irrigation Enhancer the negative effects of salinity were eradicated. The reports from the grower conclude that the Irrigation Enhancer was able to bring his yields up to profitable levels for a return on investment within the first year.

Key results include:

  • 45% increase in yield
  • Increase Plant Health
  • Increased Plant Yield
  • Salt no longer had a negative effect on plants
  • Went from 5 potatoes per plant to 7-8 potatoes per plant

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