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Case Study - San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Trucks Program


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Principal Client Services
  • Program development and implementation
  • Meetings and QA/QC activities
  • Development and implementation of program-related documentation
  • Noise Analyses
  • Community and customer outreach assistance
  • Assistance with budget tracking and funding activities
  • Troubleshooting the process, documentation and all program aspects

Since 2007, E2 has been providing program management for the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Trucks Program (CTP). The CTP is designed to encourage rapid improvement of air quality at the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach through use of grants and financial incentives that will allow trucking companies to accelerate the replacement of older, high-polluting trucks with newer, cleaner trucks. It is also expected to create a more consolidated network of port-approved carriers who can be held accountable for maintaining trucks and employing properly trained and credentialed drivers, which will help ensure lower emissions output over the life of a truck. The program will also enhance port security and public safety because approved carriers have to ensure that their trucks and the employees that drive them meet security and safety standards.

E2 has been providing administrative, management, and technical support for the CTP. This work entails developing program criteria, components, timelines, documents, partners, and various other details. The program is expected to turn over the legacy fleet of 16,000 diesel drayage trucks servicing the twin ports by incorporating funds obtained from a Clean Trucks Fee assessed on containerized cargo and from other agency funding sources.

In early 2009, the San Pedro Bay Ports (Ports) transitioned from a sticker based gate control system to electronic radio frequency identification (RFID) based gate access for its container terminals. This shift in technology created an opportunity to track and report drayage truck activity at a level of detail not seen before. E2 developed the Truck Activity Reporting System (TARS) to collect, analyze, and present information about the truck fleet that services the Ports. Through TARS the Port is able to see high resolution real time data regarding the current distribution of trucks and can track the progress of the CTP over time. The Ports are able to use this data to make funding and planning decisions as it moves forward with its aggressive truck replacement program to clean the region’s air.

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