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Case study - Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG –Austria - Plastic sorting plant for light packaging waste



SAUBERMACHER DIENSTLEISTUNGS AG is the leader of the Austrian recycling and waste collection market.

The company, founded in 1979 by the family Roth, is now listed on the stock market and has 3,900 employees.

SAUBERMACHER is collecting and recycling from approximately 1,600 communities in Central Europe and collaborates with over 40,000 commercial and industry partners.


Saubermacher required a new modern plastic sorting facility for residential light packaging waste. High material throughput of 7 tonnes per hour and exceptionally high output purity were required by the client for this new facility.


The project was a complete turn key solution supplied and installed in 2007 by BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH. The entire installation took only 7 months to complete. At the heart of the recycling plant are 5 REDWAVE machines (2- and 3-way designs) which separate the input material into six end product fractions.


PET clear
PET blue
PET green

Sorting Process

The incoming material arrives in yellow plastic bags. Therefore, the first step is the opening and dosing of the infeed material into the line via a bag opener with dosing drum. Then, the Trommel divides the material into two fractions depending on size. Oversize material first goes to the picking line and afterwards to the RDF line. Material under 250mm has the 50mm fines removed and is passed through an over-band magnet before it reaches 2 ballistic separators. The ballistic
separators divide the material into 2 and 3 dimensional fractions.

The 2 dimensional fraction (paper, card etc.) is transported to another picking line before finally being baled.

The 3 dimensional fraction (PET bottles, PP cups and laundry detergent (PE) liquid bottles) are transported to the first REDWAVE NIR, that positively ejects PET. In the PET line a 3-way REDWAVE with camera sorts the PET into clear, blue and green colour fractions.

The remaining material then goes to another 3-way REDWAVE that sorts PE and PP.

The fifth REDWAVE in this process ejects PS from the final material stream.

All the separated fractions are then checked by quality control, and plastic containers are perforated and stored in separate automatic loading storage bunkers for baling. Feeding the baler is done via an in floor automatic conveyor.

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