Case study - Seattle food processing plant naturally destroys odors while creating natural products


Courtesy of OMI Industries (OMI)


A food processing company in Seattle was experiencing odor problems while processing food scraps into a natural liquid fertilizer. The odors were coming from exhaust stacks during the final stages of fertilizer production. Located in an industrial/commercial area in close proximity to other facilities, the}' needed a solution to stop odor complaints from their neighbors.


OMI Industries proposed an air atomization system to abate the food processing odors. The system called for one extended nozzle to be inserted into their exhaust stack after the industrial exhaust fan. The Ecosorb® product is delivered to the nozzle using a compressor set to pump 24 gallons of product per day.

By utilizing Ecosorb products, the complaints from neighbors immediately decreased. The plant managers understood the workings of the nozzle system and of the Ecosorb product, knowing full-well they were the solution to the odor issues. An additional nozzle was requested for installation in the exhaust stack, to be located closer to the fan — this would ensure they would eliminate any additional odors caused by an increase in production. After installing the second nozzle, OMI Industries products and equipment provided a complete and total solution for their odor complaints.


Plant managers are extremely pleased with how well the Ecosorb products and nozzle system work on the odors associated with fertilizer production. The facility's program manager noted multiple neighbor complaints prior to instituting the system from OMI Industries, and has since assessed that no complaints have been received after that time. The facility plans on expanding in the future, and will keep Ecosorb products and systems as an integral part of their planning process.

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