Case Study - Sinkhole: Leaking Retention Pond


Courtesy of Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

Scan for liner leaks in retention pond

Objective:  Map the extent of a sink hole and locate zones where water is leaking from a pond

Date:  January 20, 2015

Site: Retention pond and sink hole near Lenoir City, Tennessee, USA

Instrument:  SuperStingR8 with 112 total electrodes arranged in a 4x28 3D grid with 16x8ft spacing

Software:  EarthImager 3DCL with finite element 3D terrain correction

Results:  The subsurface extent of a known sink hole as well as an unknown sink hole or zone of active leakage were imaged in 3D.  Both features extend through a surface clay layer and into the underlying higher porosity limestone.

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