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Dober Chemical Corp

Case study - Spindle direct labor & utilities module


Courtesy of Dober Chemical Corp

Business Situation

Employee production numbers were being manually collected by supervisors. Data was often incomplete, inaccurate, and not available until one to two days later. In addition, the process took a lot of time to collect and compile and was often challenged by employees as influenced by favoritism. Utilities were also collected manually using bills.


The Spindle Direct Labor Module was implemented at the facility to automatically track employee name, ID, goods classification, equipment, work area, shift and counts directly form the equipment sensors. The Utilities Module was added with meters for all major natural gas and water consumers, plus temperature and level information.


Visual work place provides real-time information so:

  • employees assume responsibility for their own performance;
  • supervisors can provide timely coaching and mentoring on-the-job
  • creates fair, competitive environment amongst peers
  • increases visibility of bottleneck and helps improve flow through the plant
  • Identifying and correcting natural gas & water excursions promptly

Automated Data Collection and Data-basing

  • Saves time, allowing supervisors/managers to focus on value-added tasks
  • Provides accurate and timely data for displays and reports
  • Tracks employee movements from work areas, equipment, breaks, lunch
  • Exporting to incentive pay software
  • Using the Spindle Utilities Management Program

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