Case Study - Spray Coating of Aluminum Parts

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Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)
9,000 scfm capacity (1996 vintage)
Installed: Fall 2002


POTENTIAL to Emit Exceeded VOC Limits for Facility

Project Details:

Many manufacturers are faced with the POTENTIAL TO EMIT issue. Although your actual emissions will not be anywhere near the maximum potential emissions, this is the standard enforced. This client had determined their emissions were just over the threshold which requires some form of emission reduction. The client correctly determined that an RTO was the best technology for their light emission application. The problem was the capital costs.

Their expected flow rate from two paint spray booths and a curing oven was 6,000 scfm. Emissions were a light 4 lb/hr maximum, and an average of 1.5 lb/hr. The process emissions would consist of n-butanol, i-propanal, and methanol. All these components are easily treated by most oxidizer technologies. The advantage of one technology over the other would be determined by the lowest total cost to acquire and operate. One other concern was the possibility of pass through of paint solids into the oxidizer. High levels of inorganic particulates entering an oxidizer can result in plugging. They had already settled on a regenerative thermal oxidizer, but were expecting to replace ceramic media annually.

Kono Kogs proposed a refurbished, very well built, regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) system with expansion capability of an additional 50%. This system provided excess capacity, which may not be needed at this facility, but would actually save electric costs compared to a properly sized RTO, and would achieve greater than 95% thermal effectiveness at these reduced flows. The unused fan capacity would also be available as a cushion to overcome resistance created by potential particulate build-up.

Equipment / Services Provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.:

  • Refurbished and warranted, used Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO)
  • Low cost RTO at approximately half the cost of quotations for new RTO?s.
  • Oxidizer PLC logic modified to interface with Process & LEL System
  • Partnered with OEM to update PLC, operating program, and provide support for customer?s hazard analysis.
  • The result: a system with operating costs even lower than a properly sized new system..... at an equipment price of less than half the cost of new.

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