Case study: steel manufacturing


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Rautaruukki is one of the largest steel producers and upgraders in the Nordic countries, where it has a leading market share in many of its major product groups. In addition, Rautaruukki has a competitive market position in several product groups in other Western European countries.

Rautaruukki's main products are mild and low alloy flat and long steel products and related upgraded products. Flat steel products include hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated steel sheet, a substantial portion of which is further upgraded into welded steel pipes and tubes, cold-formed sections and products and components for construction. Long steel products are manufactured by Fundia, a subsidiary of Rautaruukki. In 1999, Rautaruukki had a total turnover of 2.4 billion euro and assets worth a total of 2.4 billion euro. Rautaruukki operates manufacturing facilities in 15 European countries.

Rautaruukki is committed to the principles of sustainable development. The Group's objective is to obtain certification for all its production units in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard by the year 2000. A key principle of the environmental system is continuous improvement through environmental objectives and programmes, as well as the environmental audits that monitor the implementation of them. Each location carries out its own environmental programme, which comprises numerical target values for the gradual reduction of emissions as well as investment and development plans for achieving the targets.

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