Case study – TCE contamination pilot study


Courtesy of Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI)

Site: Pilot Study – Trap & Treat® BOS 100® Colorado
Contaminant: Chlorinated Solvent (TCE) in soil and groundwater
Soil Type: Silty, sandy clays
Injection Cost: ~$10,000 (material & labor)
Treatment Area: ~1500 sq. ft.
Plume Thickness: ~10 feet (32 to 42 feet bgs)
Date of Treatment: 11/3/04


The pilot study for this large project in Colorado was conducted in the first week of November 2004. The area surrounding the monitoring well (MW-07) was purposely under-dosed to convince the client and state regulators that daughter products from dechlorinization were being generated. Fully dosed, MW-07 would have gone to ND for TCE and all daughter products almost immediately. Nevertheless, a drop from 54,000 ppb to 26 ppb in one day is noteworthy.

The 5-week sampling figures were generated with independent sampling and analysis by an outside laboratory. By 10 weeks, the contaminant levels had dropped again, with MW-07 now registering below the groundwater standard.

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