Case study – TEPH contamination - petroleum release site – Golden, CO


Courtesy of Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI)

Site: Petroleum Release – Golden, CO
Contaminant: TEPH in soil
Soil Type: Clay
Injection Cost: ~$9,000 (material & labor)
Plume Area: ~500 sq. ft.
Plume Thickness: 4 feet (8 to 12 feet bgs)
Date of Treatment: April 6 and 7, 2004


The goal of the project was to bring small petroleum surface spills affecting soils on the subject site to below the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) Tier 1 Risk-Based Screening Level (Threshold Limit Value) of 500 ppm.

There was no groundwater impact at the site.

As is shown in the chart below, the original soil sample taken on June 17, 2003, revealed TEPH levels at 1,100 parts per million (ppm), which exceeded the OPS Threshold Limit Value. Treatment of the site took place in April 2004. There were eight injection locations with four injections per location. A total of 1800 pounds of Trap & Treat® BOS 200® was injected at the site.

The two samples taken at the end of July 2004 showed TEPH levels been reduced to non-detect and 39 ppm, which are well below the standard of 500 ppm (see chart below).

The contractor in charge of the job submitted a report in August 2004, recommending the state close the site. On October 25, 2004, the contractor received a No Further Action letter from the State of Colorado for this site.

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