Case study - Texas crude oil in soil sites


Courtesy of Sitelab Corporation

Sunset Well Service, Inc. is an environmental contractor located in the Midland/Odessa area of Texas. They use their UVF-3100D analyzer to help excavate and remediate soils contaminated by produced water and crude oil. Laboratories in Texas test TPH using the TX 1005 GC-FID Method. This method is similar to U.S. EPA Method 8015M, but reports the GRO, DRO and ORO fractions separately.

Soils from two spill sites were split and sent to a certified laboratory for confirmation analysis and the field results correlated well. For quality control, sample extracts were also sent to Sitelab’s laboratory for EDRO analysis. Results were the same, ensuring the customer’s results were valid. Soils are extracted in methanol; extracts have a 90 day shelf life. Texas Crude Oil Sites

UVF equipment is set up in a field trailer. Customer tests soils using Sitelab’s EDRO calibration kit (product no. CAL-042) to measure hydrocarbons in the C10 to C36 range.

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