Case study - The home depot smart home-duke university


Project: The Home Depot Smart Home-Duke University;
Location: Durham, NC
Application: Toilet Flushing, Laundry and Landscape Irrigation
System(s): Landscape - (2)1,400 Gallon CorGal®, Model 602 with, RMH-10 Pump Station, Domestic - (6) 350 Gallon Top Tanks w/ RMH-10 Easy, Stand Pump and Controls,

Project Description

The Home Depot Smart Home was awarded the highest rating of LEED Platinum from the US Green Building Council. The Smart Home is the first LEED Platinum residence hall and was designed as a 6,000 square foot live-in research laboratory operated by Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. The irrigation system uses 100% rainwater and guarantees no municipal water will be used. Rainwater also supplies the toilet flushing and laundry facilities for the property.

BRAE supplied the field erected 1,400 gallon CorGal® cistern, initial downspout filtration and a RMH-10 pump station with constant pressure water supply and commissioned the project at completion.

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