Case Study - The performance of the grease degrading bioproduct greasolux in the wastewater treatment plant of the resort town


Courtesy of Ecochemicals UAB


One of the Lithuanian resort towns, during the warm period of year, continuously had problems with the fat, oil and grease (FOG) accumulation in the sewer lines and wastewater treatment plant. The highly polluted wastewater directly impacted the treatment plant in the following ways:

  • Increased grease accumulation in sewer lines and lift: stations;
  • Poor sedimentation of the active sludge in the secondary clarifiers;
  • Poorer sludge dewatering results: lower solids content in dewatered sludge;
  • Greasy sludge blanket on the top of the treatment plant (see pictures).


To resolve the grease accumulation problems GREASOLUX cartridges were proposed. GREASOLUX cartridges are rugged, submersible cylinders, containing highly concentrated environmentally-safe, naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes, that slowly dissolve and are released to the wastewater.


  • The daily wastewater flow to the treatment plant of the resort town consists of 600 - 1500 m3 (depending on the season of the year).
  • The dose of bioproducts GREASOLUX L (4,8 kg) -2-3 units at once.
  • The application of GREASOLUX started at the beginning of the June, 2013. Two units of GREASOLUX L were dosed to the lift stations of the resort town.
  • At the begining the dissolution of grea-solux cartridges was very slow and the efficiency of the grease degradation was minimal due to low mixing intensity in the lift stations.
  • For this reason, within 14 days from the start up of GREASOLUX a third unit of bio-product was immersed. Also the dosing location was changed - GREASOLUX L cartridges were submersed prior the aeration basin of the biological treatment plant.
  • A week following the third cartridge installation, the first improved performance features of the microorganisms were observed. By the end of June, 4 weeks after the beginning of GREASOLUX usage, the greasy sludge blanket on the top of the aeration tank had completely disappeared.
  • GREASOLUX L cartridges completely dissolved in 45 davs.


After a month of GREASOLUX application the following results were observed:

  • The greasy sludge blanket disappeared from the surface of the aeration zone and sedimentation tank of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Bad odors were significantly reduced.
  • The efficiency of the wastewater treatment process increased - the consumption of dissolved oxygen was reduced.
  • The active sludge sedimentation conditions and sludge dewatering results in the wastewater treatment plant improved.


The performance of bioproducts GREASOLUX has proven to be an efficient agent to solve the grease problems in the treatment plant of the resort town during the holiday period. The suficcient dose was 3 units of GREASOLUX L, in order to reduce the negative effects of fats for the performance of the treatment plant with the capacity up to 1500 m3 of wastewater per day.

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