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Case study - Toyota Volvo Of Keene


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Toyota Volvo Of Keene Solve Two Disposal Challenges With One Solution

Car dealership dramatically reduces wastewater disposal costs with free energy source.

The Company: Toyota Volvo of Keene, East Swanzey, NH
The Solution: ENCON Waste Oil Evaporator, Model WO66Y-36
Customer Since: February 2005

Toyota Volvo of Keene is an automotive dealership located in East Swanzey, NH. They sell and service Volvo and Toyota Vehicles. They have wastewater generated by vehicle cleaning that occurs at their service and reconditioning centers.

Toyota Volvo of Keene had been using a competitor’s evaporator that became problematic. Problems included continuously increasing cost of propane fuel used to operate the system as well as increasing maintenance costs. Management had also received complaints about excessive noise from the old evaporator. In fact, it reached a point where the old evaporator could only be run off shift due to noise complaints.

In the fall of 2004, Mike Bresnahan of Toyota Volvo of Keene contacted ENCON to discuss replacing his old evaporator with the ENCON waste oil evaporator. In addition to wastewater from vehicle cleaning, Toyota Volvo of Keene generates waste oil from their service centers. The possibility of using this free fuel source was intriguing to say the least. Mike had a real concern about the noise, so he visited a local ENCON customer who was using an ENCON thermal evaporator. Mike was impressed by how quiet the ENCON evaporator was compared to his current unit. He was also very impressed by the overall quality of the ENCON system.

ENCON Evaporators replaced Toyota Volvo of Keene’s old propane fired evaporator with an ENCON waste oil fired unit in February of 2005. Since that time they have virtually eliminated both their wastewater and waste oil fuel disposal costs and they couldn’t be happier. They are able to use their waste oil to evaporate their wastewater, solving both disposal issues with almost zero operating cost!

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