Case Study: USA


Courtesy of Alpine Shredders Limited

Like many Mobile Shredding business owners Mike Brechtelsauer of Absolute Shreds, Michigan, was interested in achieving greater throughput, which would ultimately contribute to a more efficient Mobile Shredding service. The machinery alternatives presented were numerous however; the AXO WM 608 model surpassed the rest in terms of quality, reliability and its overall effect on throughput.

Mr. Brechtelsauer contacted AXO in 2002 having seen the company’s progress in Japan and Europe. “ I felt AXO would have something interesting to offer”, says Mr Brechtelsauer, “and it turns out I was right, the throughput of the AXO WM608 is higher than we have accomplished before”.

Absolute Shreds occasionally perform large-scale commissions shredding glossy envelopes, which previously took 3 hours. “The AXO 680 can shred four times faster reducing the total processing time to 45 mins,” says Mr Brechtelsauer.

AXO machinery achieves a significant throughput due to shaft and cutter design and size. It is the subtle differences that have an overall effect on throughput. For instance each shaft is independently driven rather than being powered via a common gearbox, eliminating unnecessary reversals caused by one shaft impeding the other shaft.

AXO shafts are much thicker than others on the market, which makes the shafts stronger so energy is not lost to shaft micro flexing, but is instead transferred into cutting force.

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