Case study - Veolia MPPE technology, Inpex Ichthys LNG - Australia


Inpex Ichthys Project, Browse Basin, 220 km of Western Australia

  • 8.9 million tons LNG/year; 1.6 million tons LPG/year; 100.000 barrels Condensate/day.
  • Central Processing Facility on Semi-Submersible Platform separates Condensate and Gas. Gas is sent by pipeline to Darwin. Condensate is stored on FPSO.
  • The MPPE unit is located on the FPSO.


  • Removal of dispersed and dissolved toxic content to reach Zero Harmful Discharge
  • Fulfilling discharge requirements for the operational lifetime of 40 years

The MPPE process

MPPE stands for Macro Porous Polymer Extraction. Polymer beads containing a specific immobilized extraction liquid. Hydrocarbon contaminated water is passed through a column packed with MPPE particles. The hydrocarbons are extracted from the water at any designed efficiency up to 99.999%. The MPPE particles can simply be regenerated by heating with steam. The removed hydrocarbons are recovered as an almost 100% pure product. No other waste stream is created. No chemicals requires, no off gasses produced.

MPPE unit removes > 99% of:

  • Dispersed oil (aliphatics)
  • Dissolved and dispersed aromatics (BTEX)
  • Poly Aromatics (PAHs)

MPPE unit capacity 2 x 90 m3/h

  • 2 Parallel MPPE units in one module
  • Single step treatment before discharge to Sea
  • Located on Top Deck
  • Size 18.1 x 16.4 x 18.0 m (L x W x H)
  • Delivered 2016

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