Case Study: Veridian Connections


Courtesy of Legend Power Systems Inc.

When it comes to energy conservation, Veridian Connections (Veridian) practice what they preach. As one of Ontario's largest electric utilities, Veridian actively promotes a culture of conservation both within their internal business operations and to their 115,000-plus customers.

Following the completion of a 26,000 square foot LEED certified expansion to their corporate headquarters in Ajax, Ontario, Veridian installed Legend Power's Harmonizer-Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) in an effort to continually reduce electrical energy consumption.


Veridian's corporate headquarters is LEED certified. The company was looking for innovative products that would further reduce energy consumption in a building that had undergone a number of energy conservation retrofits.


Legend Power's Harmonizer-AVR dynamically regulates a building's supply voltage to reduce electrical energy consumption. Legend Power identifies hidden savings opportunities and delivers guaranteed results, even in the most efficient of buildings.


Without making a single efficiency upgrade to their end use electrical equipment, Veridian is now saving 76,000 kWh and 14 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. The Harmonizer-AVR's 15 year life expectance will help Veridian achieve a cumulative long term savings of over 1.1 million kWh and 210 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing energy consumption is smart business. Veridian was able to take advantage of the saveONenergyOM RETROFIT PROGRAM to achieve a payback of 2.8 years.

Electrical equipment is designed to operate within a 10% band of its rating. Operating electrical equipment, such as light bulbs, on the higher end of the voltage band causes equipment to operate at a higher temperature, wasting energy. Veridian has successfully eliminated this waste.

The Harmonizer-AVR reduced Veridian's average supply voltage from 615V to 578V. The chart on the left shows the measured kWh consumption/day without the Harmonizer (615V) and with the Harmonizer-AVR (578V). The Harmonizer-AVR reduced energy consumption by 5.2%

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