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Case Study – Water Utility


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Sweetwater Authority, CA

Sweetwater Authority’s mission is to provide its current and future customers with a safe, reliable and affordable water supply through the use of the best available technology, sound management practices, public participation and a balanced approach to human and environmental needs.


Sweetwater regularly assesses water quality. This is done by testing water samples from various stages in the water treatment and delivery process. In addition to its own in-house laboratory, Sweetwater outsources some analysis to external laboratories. Sweetwater now uses DataSight to store those laboratory results. Using DataSight as a repository for lab data has allowed Sweetwater to avoid the costly purchase of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). DataSight has also been used to replace a “monster spreadsheet” that had previously been used to track all of the water resource information that Sweetwater needs to manage its storage reservoir. This includes data ranging from current lake levels to volumes of water purchased. Like many water utilities, Sweetwater utilizes a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system in conjunction with their treatment plant. SCADA systems are primarily used to respond in real-time to the changing conditions of a production environment. While SCADA acquires a lot of data in real time there are few tools for analyzing that data for trends. Sweetwater is using DataSight’s querying and analysis tools to do just that.

Value Proposition

Before DataSight, Sweetwater relied on in-house experts to run complex routines in Excel in order to extract data from the SCADA database and report on it. Sweetwater has now been able to establish and automate these reporting routines in DataSight, freeing up the experts to be better utilized within the organization. As a spin-off benefit, the data is now accessible to users of all computing skill levels.

Financial Benefit

For significantly less than the cost of an entry-level LIMS system, Sweetwater is obtaining from DataSight the essential capabilities they expect from a LIMS system as well as many other benefits not available from any other type of software. DataSight has also done away with the need to undergo an expensive systems development that would have been required to streamline the existing reporting processes.

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