Case Study: Wheeling Water Department, West Virginia


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Wheeling Water Department in Wheeling, West Virginia, is an independent, municipally owned water utility, serving a population of approximately 50,000 people, including all of Ohio County.

Consisting of three divisions, Wheeling Water is responsible for all treatment and testing of the source, finished water and for pumping it to the customers.

The utility treats approximately 7.5 million gallons of water per day and distributes this water through 200 miles of water mains, some of which are over 100 years old. They also maintain the various pumping stations located throughout the system, all requiring a very diligent monitoring program and a sophisticated treatment facility to ensure that the water meets all state and federal health and safety regulations.

The mission of Wheeling Water is to produce and distribute their product in the most efficient way, while maintaining and upgrading the system to meet future requirements.


Data had always been entered and managed manually by the operators and plant manager.

Once all of the data was recorded into the reports and forms, there was very little that could be done with it. In 1985, the City of Wheeling’s public works director decided to convert the manual processes of data collection and management in the vehicle maintenance, water and wastewater departments to more efficient personal computers and electronic data manipulation. At that time, there were limited choices in software programs for these types of applications, and ever-increasing regulations, reporting and data requirements from state and federal EPA were becoming more difficult and demanding.


After a great deal of research, the decision was made to purchase a software program from Macola. The DOS based program, called Operator 10, was developed specifically for the water and wastewater industries. However, manipulation of data was limited.

AllMax Software, Inc., founded in 1994, purchased Operator10 with plans to advance development and support of the software. The programs were completely redesigned to be Windows® based, with easy-to-follow screens and features that speak to operators in their own terms.

AllMax operations data management software utilizes DataViews as the method for presenting database information.

“We now have dozens of DataViews for looking at and presenting information that has been collected in any way we choose, including multiple graph forms”, says Phil Kowalski, Wheeling’s plant manager.

The use of AllMax’s DataViews has allowed thorough evaluation of the effect of chemical feed changes or operational changes on water quality. In addition, reports and forms can easily be created and customized to meet a multitude of requirements.


For the past 20 years, the Wheeling water department has relied on the Operator10 program to monitor plant performance and create all of the reports. Besides solving the data collection and management problems, other major benefits of Operator10 included the ability to export data to an Excel® file.

The O&M program was a particularly good fit for the vehicle maintenance department in helping to track and record all of the maintenance on the city’s fleet.

The water plant now has a database of water quality parameters for the Ohio River spanning over 20 years. Researchers from various colleges, engineering firms and government agencies often request some of this information from the facility. It is very easy to create a DataView for the particular parameters and, when requested, export it to Excel and send it as an e-mail attachment.


“The Wheeling Water Department pays an annual maintenance fee for the software, which entitles us to any software upgrades or revisions. In addition, we have access to their excellent on-line support. The service is most useful when there is a major upgrade or change in the software which might require assistance with the changes”, Kowalski adds. All of the AllMax programs are still being used by the city departments.

More About AllMax Software

AllMax Software, located in Kenton, Ohio, provides field-proven data management solutions designed by industry experts to properly record, maintain and manage data. The software is reliable, user-friendly, innovative and versatile. AllMax products have been used in over 2000 treatment facilities of all sizes around the world, and are supported by world-class customer service and technical support.

Operator10® is easy to navigate and offers four separate operations packages–water, wastewater, biosolids and pretreatment–and each may be purchased separately or together. Features include audit trail, expanded field sizes, data permissions, improved scheduling, undo/redo, intermittent DataViews, an improved interface for linking to any SCADA and other applications, a new section for recording sampling events, and a redesigned report section.

Antero™ (formerly AllMax Task Manager) is the most comprehensive and user-friendly maintenance data management software available, developed for facility operations struggling with maintenance data collection and management issues. Antero LX and SX allow users to effectively and efficiently manage all data pertaining to equipment, assets, parts, materials, preventive maintenance, history, forms and work orders, subcontractors, and much more.

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