Case study - Woodroffe Avenue Transmission Main - Ottawa, Ontario


Courtesy of Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

Service: SoundPrint AFO
Client: City of Ottawa
Project Date: 2011
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Type of Pipeline: Water Transmission Main
Diameter: 48-inch (1200mm)
Pipe Material: PCCP

The Woodroffe Avenue Transmission Main in Ottawa, Ontario experienced a major failure in January 2011 which opened a large hole across three traffic lanes causing major traffic disruptions. Pure and the client developed a plan almost immediately post-break as Pure’s expertise in pipeline condition assessment and repair recommendations were directly in line with what the client needed. This was the second failure of the 48-inch C301L prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP); the first failure occurred in 2007 in the same local area on the line.

Following the internal manned inspection of the failed section and a significant length of upstream and downstream sections of the Woodroffe Transmission Main, the new PureRoboticsTM device was utilized to inspect the line with a record deployment of 6426 ft. in one direction from an access point. The tool was able to negotiate a way through the many butterfly valves along the pipeline. After the pipeline was put back into service, a SountPrint® AFO monitoring system was installed ahead of schedule to monitor the main.

Ottawa, Robinson Consultants of Kanata, Ontario and Pure Technologies collaborated to develop a plan of action which allowed this critical pipeline to be put back in service in May, 2011. An engineering report was also provided to the City stating which pipes needed to be rehabilitated prior to putting the line back in service. Once the Woodroffe Avenue pipeline was repaired with a substantial section being replaced, an AFO monitoring system was installed to monitor both the old sections and newly replaced pipes in near real time.

SoundPrint AFO

SoundPrint AFO technology continuously monitors the acoustic activity in a pipeline to identify the acoustic events associated with the failure of prestressing wires. SoundPrint AFO continuously tracks the condition of each pipe in the line and reports the time and location of breaking prestressing wires. Thus acoustic monitoring can identify actively deteriorating pipe sections and determine the rate of deterioration.


PureRobotics uses powerful modular robotic pipeline inspection systems that can be configured to inspect virtually any pipe application 12-inches (30.5 centimeters) and larger. Capable of performing multi-sensor inspections in dry pipe or while submerged, the PureRobotics pipeline inspection system has a range of up to 3 miles (5 kilometers) from a single access point.

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