Cash wise foods - Case Study


Courtesy of Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

Cash Wise Foods, a subsidiary of Coborn’s, are big box food stores focused on low price, variety, and value and have made a big splash in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Recycling Equipment – M60CB Vertical Cardboard Baler


Cash Wise Foods thrives on efficiency and depends on it for their success. They receive goods in a variety of cardboard boxes that come in many shapes and sizes. Because of this, Cash Wise requires a vertical baler in their back room operations that has a wide enough door opening to handle the largest of cardboard, but with a modest footprint.


The M60CB Vertical Cardboard Baler provides power and durability with a quiet operation that takes up a minimal amount of floor space. The vertical baler creates mill-sized bales in a short cycle time with an incredible 56,550 lbs of ram force! The unique strap-eject system allows for a safe, easy, and manageable way for their employees to eject the bale onto a palette for transport. With their optional “bale full” light, the employees can easily discern when the bale is at its proper size so that no baling wire or truck space is wasted in the removal of the cardboard.

“Our old baler was really noisy and took up almost twice the floor space as this (Harmony) one. We usually make three bales a day, so we need to be able to rely on it to get the job done.”

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