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Catalytic hard water scale prevention system saves thousands of dollars


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The Western Technology Center in Oklahoma was experiencing ongoing scaling issues in their cafeteria building requiring costly planned maintenance and chemical use.  Six Rinnai tankless water heaters had to be descaled every month with the cleaning process requiring most of one day.  The heaters are fitted with keypads that flash a “descale required” code when necessary.   In addition, staff were struggling with scaling problems wherever water was in use in the kitchen and service areas.  This resulted in regular cleaning to remove scale accumulation.

The commercial dishwasher was a particularly difficult problem requiring frequent extensive cleaning with harsh chemicals.


Previously, a wraparound scale prevention device had been fitted in an attempt to solve the scaling issues.   When this proved to be unsuccessful a larger wraparound device was provided which was also ineffective. Fortunately, the Western Technology Center did not give up on their goal to find a chemical free solution to their scaling issues.   After reviewing the company’s website they called in Fluid Dynamics NA to assess their system. 

The following equipment was specified and installed:

  • A 2” Scaletron to treat the buildings main supply line.
  • A ¾” Scaletron fitted before the commercial dishwasher
  • A ½” Scaletron fitted to the feed for the ice machine and soda fountain  

The installations have been a great success.  The tankless water heater keypads have not flashed the “descale required” code since the installation of the Fluid Dynamics equipment.  The tankless water heaters are still checked and cleaned routinely every few months as part of the planned maintenance program but no hard scale is found, just a soft sludge that’s easy to drain.

In the kitchen the results have been similarly impressive.  The commercial dishwasher manufactured by Hobart no longer requires any attention for the removal of scale.  The Hobart representative who periodically visits the Western Technology Center was shocked by the before and after results.

The kitchen surfaces that previously required chemical cleaning to remove scale are now easily cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.

The ice machine and soda fountain are now scale free.

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