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Catalytic organic reactions using mesostructured materials

The discovery of mesoporous molecular sieves has provided new possibilities in catalytic organic reactions. The mesoporous molecular sieves, having unique structures characterised by high surface area, large pore size, and high long-range order, are suitable for the conversion of larger substrates by introducing reactive species for the catalysis involving bulky substances. Some examples of progress in catalysis of mesostructured materials applied to the organic reactions involving alkylation, condensation, rearrangements, trans-esterification, Diels-Alder reaction, oxidation, cross-coupling reaction, multi-component reaction, and so on, are reviewed.

Keywords: mesoporous molecular sieves, catalytic organic reactions, mesostructured materials, alkylation, condensation, rearrangements, cross-coupling reaction, multicomponent reaction, nanotechnology, Korea, heterogeneous catalysis

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