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Catalytic ozonation of aqueous phenol over metal-loaded HZSM-5


The performances of HZSM-5 and transition metal-loaded HZSM-5 (Mn, Cu, Fe, Ti) catalysts during catalytic ozonation of phenol have been investigated. It was observed the performance order for removal of phenol and COD was Mn/HZSM-5>Fe/HZSM-5>Cu/HZSM-5>Ti/HZSM-5>HZSM-5. The presence of metals on HZSM-5 enhanced the phenol removal capability of HZSM-5. Mn loading on HZSM-5 was optimized due to its high phenol removal capability amongst metal-loaded HZSM-5 catalysts. Experimental results suggested that low amount of Mn loading on HZSM-5 was sufficient for HZSM-5 to act as catalyst and adsorbent. A maximum of 95.8 wt% phenols and 70.2 wt% COD were removed over 2 wt% Mn/HZSM-5 in 120 min. It was supposed that transition metals mainly acted as ozone decomposers due to their multiple oxidation states that enhanced the ozonation of phenol.

Keywords: catalytic ozonation, COD, HZSM-5, phenol, transition metal

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