CDP® wearplate: Wear Protection Solution for Flaker Aspiration Cyclone-


Courtesy of Castolin Eutectic

A leading producer of canola-based products trusted the CastoLab® division of Eutectic Canada to manufacture two new flaker aspiration cyclones made out of CDP® wearplate. The OEM parts made out of standard steel, were unable to resist the high intensity production environment and showed early signs of erosion and abrasion after only one year of service. Our CastoLab® Services solution was to manufacture two ready-to-install flaker aspiration cyclones to replace the OEM parts.

The new cyclones were made using CDP® wearplate 4666, a complex chrome carbide wearplate. This welded plate will provide exceptional wear properties and offer optimum resistance to abrasion and erosion.

The customer was able to focus on their core competences while our CastoLab® team produced the wearfaced parts ready for installation in accordance to their engineering specifications and requirements. Additionally, the cyclones made out of CDP® wearplate will increase the life of the parts by a factor of 3.

Why face a production stoppage when you can trust the experts?

With more than 100 years experience in welding and wear protection, Castolin Eutectic is the manufacturer of the widest range of wearplates today on the market in terms of base materials, sizes, coating alloys and welding processes adopted. From simple Chromium Carbide rich overlays, applied in open arc, to sophisticated NiCrBSi powders additioned with Tungsten Carbides and fused in a vacuum furnace or by means of Plasma Transferred Arc, we have developed a wide choice of products.

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