ceiling concealed type fan coil unit

  Concealed type fan coil unit  

   1.  The brass separator and water collector of monomer forging and pressing
          make the distribution of chilled water in and out of coil more uniform and the flow
          resistance less, give full play to the whole efficiency of heat ex-changer and
          greatly reduce the flow resistance of water system

     2. The end plate and deflector plate of the volute are connected by toothed way,
         which overcomes the defects of air leakage and easy rust of the electric
         welding connection.


     3. The shell body of the unit is formed by stamping and bending of high strength
         galvanized steel plate with strong anticorrosion ability.The inner wall of the
         roof is pressed with a hot pressing PE insulation cotton to prevent the
         phenomenon of cold bridge.The bottom of the water tray is wrapped
         with PE insulation cotton, which is formed by primary hot pressing.

     4. The optimized design of the drain port of the condensate tray can discharge the
         condensed water generated during the operation of the unit to the maximum
         extent and greatly reduce the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms.

ceiling concealed fan coil unit

chilled water fan coil unit prices

Model: WFP
Cooling capacity:1260w~12600w
Heating capacity: 1930w~19530w
Air flow: 170m3/h~2380m3/h
Power input:220V/50Hz
Type:ceiling type concealed fan coil unit

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