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Ceilometer Network ALICEnet - Case Study


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ALICEnet is a network of measuring stations operated by Italian research institutions and environmental authorities to improve the multidisciplinary use of environmental data. It is able to generate an atmospheric profile in real time, carried out by automatic Lidar ceilometers (ALC) installed throughout Italy. A database with measurement results from previous studies is also provided (yellow ALC symbols).

The ALC profiling provides the following information:

  • Mixed layer height (height of pollutant dispersion)
  • Temporal height distribution of particles
  • Presence and concentration of Saharan, fire and volcanic aerosols
  • Cloud height
  • Fog level

The provided information is used in meteorology, air quality, environmental as well as aviation safety and climate studies.
The published data is preliminary and copyrighted by the station operators.

Ceilometer Network ALICEnet - Case Study

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