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Cellular confinement system stabilizes poor soil base, Kent County, Michigan


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'One area that many counties struggle with in road construction is poor soils,” says Tom Byle, maintenance and local road construction engineer for the Kent County Road Commission, Kent County, Mich. “Many country roads in America were built over muck, swamps or other similar, inadequate soils. Most counties cannot justify the expense of the standard peatremoval treatment, digging the peat out and replacing it with sand. Many counties end up leaving the road gravel or, if the road is blacktop, shimming the settlements with blacktop until its thickness is literally measured in feet.”

Paved surfaces that are built over weak soils can experience subsoil movement and base deterioration, which causes deflections, rutting and cracking in the asphalt surface. One way to combat this problem is to stabilize the weak base and increase the load capacity of those soils. The Geosystems® Group of Presto Products Co., Appleton, Wis., provides a product, the Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System, which is designed to help stabilize road bases for paving.

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