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Cement kiln dust landfill


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Client: Confidential

Location: Southam, Rugby

Services: Hydrogeological risk assessment , data interpretation.

Issues: Poor background groundwater quality, dewatering, potential risk to controlled waters

Summary: ESI provided the data analysis, interpretation and hydrogeological risk assessment services to the client, in support of an application for a permit for a new landfill cell. It was successfully demonstrated to the Environment Agency, through risk assessment, that the site posed a low risk to groundwater and surface water receptors and hence planning permission and a Pollution, Prevention and Control (PPC) permit for a new CKD landfill cell were obtained.

This client, a major manufacturer of cement in the UK, operates a quarry at Southam where clay is excavated for use in the Rugby cement plant.  A residue of the cement manufacturing process, Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) is then disposed of in landfill cells in the resulting void.

ESI has supported this client with landfilling operations for CKD over many years.  When the client required a new CKD landfill phase ESI, in conjunction with Ove Arup and Partners, developed the design and undertook the necessary risk assessments to obtain planning permission and a Pollution, Prevention and Control (PPC) permit.

A hydrogeological risk assessment was undertaken which successfully demonstrated to the Environment Agency that the site posed a low risk to groundwater receptors.

A key issue of this risk assessment was to demonstrate that background groundwater quality was poor due to natural ground conditions and that historical CKD disposal operations had not contributed to a deterioration in groundwater quality.

Furthermore, the Environment Agency raised concerns that potentially contaminated groundwater could be drawn into the current quarry dewatering sump.  ESI reviewed previous risk assessments that has been undertaken for historical CKD disposal areas and presented a detailed risk assessment for the whole quarry.  This conclusively demonstrated that the risk from such migration to the quarry sump was very small.  As a result, the client has been able to clarify water management arrangements at the site.

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