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Solid shaft output gearbox gear drive has the characteristics of small integrated body, large transmission torque, high transmission efficiency (up to 95%), high overload capacity, low energy consumption and superior performance. Designed and manufactured on the basis of modular combination system, there are many motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes. The transmission ratio is finely graded to meet different working conditions and realize electromechanical integration. Because the Cement Plants helical bevel gearbox adopts the modular structure design principle of the unit structure, it greatly reduces the types and inventory of the parts, and greatly shortens the delivery period and improves the production efficiency.

Gear electric ac motor speed reducer has high rigidity cast iron box with ribs; its hard tooth surface gear is made of high quality alloy steel, the surface is hardened by carburizing and quenching, the grinding teeth are finely processed, the transmission is stable, the noise is low, the bearing capacity is large, and the temperature rise is low. ,long life.Right angle helical bevel gear unit performance and characteristics: 
1.The gear is made of high-quality alloy carburizing and quenching, the tooth surface hardness is up to 60±2hrc, and the tooth surface grinding precision is up to 5-6.  

2.Using computer shaping technology to pre-reform the gears, greatly improving the load capacity of the reducer
3.From the cabinet to the internal gear, it adopts a completely modular structure design, suitable for mass production and flexible selection.

4.The standard reducer models are divided according to the torque decrement form, which is more in line with the customer requirements and avoids power waste compared with the traditional equal-scale division.

5.Designed and manufactured with cad/cam to ensure quality stability. 
6、A variety of sealing structures to prevent oil leakage
7、Multi-directional noise reduction measures to ensure excellent low noise performance of the electrical consumption gear reducer.
8、The product installation method is flexible and easy to change, so it is easy for customers to choose K57 industrial gearbox , K67 helical bevel industrial redutor, K77 unique right angle Geared Motor and so on.

1400 rpm motor speed reducer gearbox can be used in side-in-place mixing equipment and are key components of mixing equipment.Side-in mixers are used in many industrial mixing and agitation processes and are referred to as side-in mixers because they require the mixer to be mounted on the sides of the tank and body. The integration of the side-in-type mixer with K series foot-mounted helical-bevel gear drive and the new transmission sealing device successfully solved the leakage problem of the measuring mixer. It is widely used in water treatment, biogas fermentation, flue gas desulfurization engineering and chemical, food. , paper, oil, mining, bioengineering and other industries. The function of the device is to uniformly mix the mutual solution, so that the solid particles are dissolved in the liquid phase, suspended or uniformly suspended from the bottom, and the other liquid phase which is incompatible is uniformly suspended or fully emulsified.

The side-in type mixer is equipped with Long service life 90 degree reducer, the mechanism is more reasonable, the installation, operation and maintenance cost are low. According to the tank size and mixing process requirements, it is reasonable to use single or multiple side-in mixers to make reasonable use of side-entry type. The installation angle of the mixer and the tank body is optimized to achieve agitation effect, which can reach a certain stirring intensity within the required mixing time, meet the requirements of mixing speed block, uniformity, sufficient, etc., and adapt to the change of water volume to suit the change of water head. Mixing of various media capacities.



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