Central Kitsap (USA) Municipal WWTP - Case Study


Courtesy of Aquaconsult Anlagenbau GmbH

Number of Tanks: 4
Total Volume: 13,080 m³
Water Depth: 4.75 m
SOTR Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate: 1,240 kgO2/h
Total Airflow: 10,800 Nm3/h
Total AEROSTRIP® Diffusers: 1,214

The Central Kitsap facility started operations in 1979 as a conventional activated sludge secondary treatment plant.

The plant receives wastewater from the cities of Silverdale, Keyport and Poulsbo, the Central Kitsap area, the Naval Submarine Base Bangor and the Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Station (NUWC) at Keyport.

AEROSTRIP - SSOTE performance exceeds 10 %/m of submergence

In 2014, the existing disc diffuser system was removed and replaced with the energy efficient AEROSTRIP® diffuser system. 1,214 Aerostrip diffusers were installed in the four parallel aeration tanks.

To confirm the high performance of the new aeration system, a Clean Water Oxygen Transfer Test was required and conducted by a third party at the AQUACONSULT test facility in Austria.

The test result was impressive:

The AEROSTRIP® system performance (SSOTE) was more than 10 percent per meter of submergence!

This performance is far more than provided by any other fine bubble aeration system on the market.

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