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Central Pumping Station - Niagara Falls, Ontario case study

The Municipal Region of Niagara, located in Ontario, Canada, is known worldwide for its majesticwater falls. The City is located on the Niagara River, facing Buffalo, NY. The City has a combined sewer system that had to evolve, over the years in order to support themunicipal development.

This evolution led to the need to relocate the City’s Central Pumping Station in order to receive and lift sewage from various sections of the municipality. This Pumping Station in itself is a key element of the City’s Sewer development plan and a very large project by itself.

Over the years, Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and various Municipalities have been involved in the development of rational CSO rules that would supply the possibility of maintaining, or even expanding Combined Sewers. It is understood that this type of Sewer relies on pipe overows to the receivingwaters to relieve the pressure built in the systemby amajor rain event. The logical solutions to CSO problems are either storage or treatment.

The Region approached the problemwith a treatment solution, as storage would be too large and expensive. After multiple studies and pilot tests, the Region opted to select Vortex Separation Technology for its application. The choice was made because the technology could provide the level of treatment required by Procedure F-5-5 which denes the level of treatment imposed to CSO Treatment Technologies in Ontario and is derived from USEPA CSO Regulation. F-5-5 imposes essentially Primary Clarier-type level of treatment with 50% TSS Reduction and 30%BOD5 Reduction in all cases. For Satellite-type installation only, it imposes that TSS should not exceed 90 mg/L, 50% of the time. The procedure includesmultiple other details and limitations.Nevertheless, no projects had been done based on this Procedure in Ontario.

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