Central treatment of the industrial wastewater in Kuwait


Description of the plant

In order to treat the wastewater accumulating from all industrial plants located in Kuwait, TIA planned and built up a central Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Kuwaiti desert. The plant consists of three receipt stations, three pre-treatment lines and two lines for biological wastewater treatment.

Each day, 200 to 400 tank trucks deliver the wastewater to the plant. Depending on its composition and origin, the wastewater is discharged to the corresponding receipt stations. Having passed a sand and fat trap, it is fed into the chemical-physical pre-treatment step. In 2 of the 3 lines, the precipitation and flocculation products are separated by a dissolved-air flotation.

The pre-treated wastewater is discharged into the two activated sludge lines. In a 2-step biology with ARS-process step it is treated up to the point that it can be re-used for agricultural sprinkling.
Design Data

Wastewater: 7 500m3/d
COD in: i.M. 4 500 mg/l
COD out: < 90 mg/l
Initial start-up: 2010

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